"Atlas" statue Bar Globe

Character of Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who was allied with Cronus (Zeus' father) in his war against the gods of Olympus. Because of this he was punished by Zeus who forced him to support the vault of heaven for eternity. In the legend, subsequently amended, he is represented with the world on his shoulders. This gives rise to the idea of creating a truly unique bar globe that combines the utility of a bottle rack with the mythological beliefs of the past.
Bar accessories not included.
The item in Safari version will be available within 30 days from order receipt.

Sphere Diameter cm. 50
Height cm. 109
Width cm. 50
Lenght cm. 50
Drinks Cabinet Yes
Moveable No
Colour Classic
Material Wood
Assembly required No
Line Classic
Rotating globe sphere No


Deze bargobe is afkomstig uit Italië.

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