Smoking Desk Set

Size: (oval tray) 27 x 40 cm (tusk) 52 cm

An incredible mammoth tusk in x-beautiful condition. The tusk is solid. The black color is given by 10.000 years staying in salt water. This mammoth type is very rare, completely different from the more common “ivory-color" types. The tusk has been lacquered to avoid instability of the material. The surface of the tray is mirror polished and additionally heavy nickel plated. The ashtray is made like the boat-style (the lid covers the inside) and it unscrews apart to allow a better cleaning. Both the ashtray, the base of the lighter and the lighter itself have been garnished by small mammoth plates, which have been individually screwed (to avoid detachments). Dunhill Unic style silver plated lighter.

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